Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is going on in my sewing room!

LOL that title sound very ominous. I have been sewing like crazy the last week on the Sun Bonnet Sue project. There are 14 Sue’s to be attached to the black background in there block. I have 30 total Sue blocks so that is going to mean a second quilt. Originally my thought was to make a smaller wall hanging quilt to use the blocks that were not in the main quilt.

Then after laying things out if we use 14 Sue blocks in the quilt and then do a picture of the block maker on one of the squares there are enough blocks to make two quilts. I doubled my work on this project but I think it is a perfect plan to have two quilts they are both going to be queen size.  So far they are going together just as easy as pie. I debated at first if I was going to machine button hole stitch around the Sue blocks when I put them on the black background but the more I thought about it with the Sue blocks all hand button hole stitched I just could not go to the sewing machine for that part.  It is a showy part of the quilt and so I really feel that they should be hand stitched down.

Yepper it is more work but it really is going fast. I have 7 blocks all ready stitched down and only 7 more to go for this top. Then I need to sew the black sashing around the blocks and the top will be done. I am debating if this quilt would be better to have it hand quilted or if machine quilting would be good.  Decisions decisions. Though the owner will have some say in that part of it.  I am leaning toward suggesting that the quilt be hand quilted.

I took a picture of the blocks that I have done and the one I am working on as they are on my flannel wall. Some of the colors are not where I want them to be on the outer border of the blocks but they can be moved around that is not a big deal yet.


I also am working hard on getting the blocks done so I can sew the black sashing on them since it is on sale this coming weekend and 20% off is a good deal.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun and interesting New Years

We had a fun and interesting New Year’s Eve. A lot of times have some friends stop over and that was the plan. We got together during the day with some other friends and then they ran back went back to where they were staying and the other friends stop in.
Usually we hang out until midnight and then everyone heads home well the next group went out to eat and then the decided to head home around 10:00. They had a long day the day before and just decided that they were going to give them selves a break and head home early.
Along with all of this our granddaughter came to stay also. So she and I stayed up until midnight and then headed off to bed. Grandpa only made it until about 11:00 and he decided to head up stairs to bed then. I might of gone along but somebody wanted to see in the new year.
Along with New Years we gave our granddaughter and  her mom a Christmas presents but I did not get my camera out so no pictures sorry. Each one got a quilt this year. Then on New Years Day  DGD and I made a Cell phone carrier for her cell phone from a pattern I had. She picked out the colors from my stash an then we went to town it is a cute little kitty face and then has a pocket on the back of it that hold the cell phone and a loop so she can put it around her wrist or loop it around her back pack. It was a cute little item I may try and make another one.
DGD stitched the whiskers on the kitties face and had so much fun doing that little bit she wanted to try some more embroidery so I have a simple design with a vine around it and a snowman in the middle and the words Let it Snow and so we drew that on some fabric and she took that home with her last night to work on and when it id done I promised to finish it off.  It is a little wall quilt item I picked up I think last year after Christmas.
If I did not have so many projects all ready I would be tempted to make one up for me. I have a group of blocks to try and get done on my Farmers Wife quilt. Plus the Sun Bonnet Sue’s to attach down on the black squares.  I think there are a couple other projects to work on finishing also.
So no new things to start for a little while I do think I should finish off a couple of those UFO’s first and catch up on what I am to have done by my self imposed deadlines. Smile
I wished we had snap a picture of the little kitty purse for her phone I may try and get her Mommy to do that for me. Along with the quilt too.

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