Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday weekend in the Hospital

Well the last few days have been an experience that I don’t really want to repeat. Fred (DH) ended up in the hospital with a gall bladder with stones. It was found that he had a stone in the bile duct and a very enlarged gall bladder with more stones in it. They were able to remove his gall bladder today and so now we deal with the healing process.

It started on Thursday night and by Friday evening we went to the local ER and then was transferred to a larger facility. That was also an experience I got to drive the ambulance that took him to the next hospital. then after a few more test surgery was scheduled and took place today about 3 hours later then scheduled but then that is what happens in a hospital on a weekend.

So if all goes well thru the night they will release him tomorrow.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

working on a bag

Well I have been busy working on a new bag I have wanted to make this one for a while took a bit to find the pattern then to gather everything I needed to make it. So now that all the ducks have finally worked together here is the progress so far.


This is the pattern


Front of the bag before it was put together


I have put the bag together and this is the outside shell Back view has a pocket that goes across the back


Front view with a two short pockets one with a zipper and one without.


The sides of the bag have little pockets for things like a water bottle or I am thinking a cell phone might work well in one. they have a draw string to pull them in if need to close them down some.


Other end of the bag.


This is the center inside pocket it has a zipper pocket in the center of the inside of the bag


A better view of the zippered inside pocket.  I hope to finish this bag up today. if time and focus allow. 

I have been doing a bunch of hand embroidery on my Thru the woods to grandmothers house panels for a wall hanging the 2nd of three panels is about done. I would love to get this done before Christmas but I don’t think that is going to happen with everything else that is on the list to be done also.

Plus working two jobs has really take some of the extra time away from sewing machine projects the hand work is moving along nicely though I have a lot of those type of projects too.  I guess this way I will never be bored.

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