Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quilt I made for someone else

I put the embroidered quilt blocks together for a lady I know as a Christmas present for her daughter. The top was done by Christmas and wrapped and given and then it came back to go to the quilter I got it from the quilter on Thursday and put the binding on it and a hanging sleeve. Nice to see it done.


Granddaughter and hubby held it up for me to take a picture of it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Life has gone to the Monkeys

I had the fabric done up to make 3 humbug bags it is pink background with sock monkey's on it. Well I and another Fayette Guild member have taken on a group of young ladies that are part of different 4 H clubs and formed a sewing club/group.   Now the group has been working on making humbug bags they are zippered bags and the pattern has 3 sizes the Sock Monkey is sitting in a large one and the smaller bag I put on the monkeys arm. 

The Fayette County 4H was having a fund raiser Omelet breakfast and silent basket auction. So I had the bags started and remember I had purchased a kit a few years ago to make a Sock Monkey. Well I got out the kit and put the Sock Monkey together and he settled into the one humbug bag and then I attached a second bag to his arm.  He did come out very cute the winner of the auction was a boy I know here in town and since the Humbug bags are pink background fabric I told him I could and would make him some that were out of blue background fabric with sock monkey's on the fabric so that is going to be my project later this week. I need to stop and get 3 blue zippers to make the bags out of.

Then I will trade him the pink ones for the blue ones I am making.

The sock monkey was such a hit I do believe I am going to try finding socks and making a few more for an auction at the local library later this summer. Plus I had another person ask me about making some to sell.

So how much do you think a sock monkey is worth. They are not hard to do the stuffing is the worst of it. I do have to find the socks and see what they run.

New Kitchen

Well last weekend we started the empting of the kitchen. Boxing up stuff and moving some things to the camper that is going to be the summer...