Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday was a clean day

  I spent most of yesterday cleaning some shelves in our bed room I hate to admit how much dust had accumulated on the shelves and things on the shelves. So now it is all clean up and I found some sweat shirts that hubby pulled out to get rid of in a pile. Plus 3 old clothes hampers that were plastic and broken on the sides and just needed to be gotten rid of.

Yesterday was trash day so I got things all clean up and put in the appropriate piles and out the door. After getting that done I started doing a bag called a professional tote

I got all the pieces cut except for one  the two side panels the fabric I got for the out side of the bag was only 40 inches wide and the pattern yardage was for 45 inch wide an so I am short the two side panels.

I checked with several of the local shops of coarse I got this fabric down in Kalona and that is like a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. No way am I going to do that kind of run for this.  So of coarse no one I called carried that line or had that fabric. so I called the shop in Kalona and asked if they could send me some.

The person I was speaking to was looking around the shop and not finding the fabric. I am like thinking great no fabric now what am I going to do but she did find it the last of the bolt had been cut up into some fat quarters thank goodness the pieces I need are only 15 inches and the fat quarters are 20 x  so I was saved. I gave her my credit card number and ask to have it sent to me. I am hoping it is in the mail today.

Then I can work on getting this project under way there is some sewing of pockets and parts before I get to the side so that is on the agenda for today and then checking the mail to see if what I need arrived yet.

So time to get at it. Hope you have a great day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Busy Labor Day weekend

Well I had to work on Friday and it was a slow day no ambulance calls but I did get two Sock Monkeys done.
I had stichted up the body parts and had them ready to go with me Friday morning and so I spent the day stuffing the different parts and sewing on the arms, tail, mouth and ear’s. I then brought them home and Saturday was able to put on the button eyes and stitch the mouths in. They each have a humbug bag to go with them out of sock monkey fabric.  They went to the Fayette Community Library for the Friends of the Library silent auction.  Then after I had them finished up I had cut out some fabric to make three bags. The same pattern just different lay out of fabric stripes.
It is a messenger bag and with a zipper top closer
It did come out pretty well. I do think the curve on the front pocket is a little off but then I guess that makes it hand crafted.
So that was yesterdays busy work I really need to do something today.

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