Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No Sewing today

I am at work today so no time for the sewing machine. I do always bring some hand work along for those down times but today does not so far seem to be one of those days.

So you might ask how do you have time for hand work at work. That is easy I am a full time EMT and work a 24 hour shift on and then am off for 48 hours. That gives me two full days at home to do other things and one day at work.

I have started a new embroidery project a month or two ago and it is not going really well. Crab Apple Hill Studio Farmhouse Window Sills I traced off the first design there are four in this pattern using a Sharpie marker fine point and it bleed into the fabric so it left a shadow.
  1. so that is problem one
  2. I am to color the design with crayons to shade it and that just doesn't look good to me
So now what do I do my first thought is I will finish the embroider on this one and then some how finish it off as a small hanging. Then start over and make another go at this one I had a chance to play with some water based inks that I am debating about purchasing to work on this project with Teacher Stamps for special water color inks They have both bottles of inks and markers so I am going to have to decided what is the best bet for this project. or maybe it should go on the back burner and I can finish up one of the other projects. Decision decisions!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Twilight kaleidoscope

Well I started a new project last week but before starting that project I dug out an old project to work on called Twilight Kaleidoscope. I realized after going through the instructions and looking at what was done that this project is a lot closer to being done then I realized.

All the blocks for the quilt seem to be done if I can count right that's yet to be determined so now I am working on the sashing.

For the sashing I needed to sew together 6 strips of fabric and cut them into three and a half inch strips and then sew black around them I'm a little over halfway done with the strip sets.

Strip sewn together
Strip sets put together for the sashing need black put around them.

Monday, September 28, 2015

New quilt

Well seems to be time to start a new quilt it's called stars and bars. The pattern is in a new book by Cathy Busch called Newfangled Piecing Faster and Easier it has a lot of fun and different techniques on how to make different blocks.

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