Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend with son and his wife. DS got my old lap top up and running now I think I am going to need to replace the heat sink in it and probably get a cooling pad for it. So now Fred will have a computer too.

    We wandered around the country side  and took Stef to pet a cow.( I do have pictures of that I will post later)  I don’t know if it was a life time dream but it was an experience. The cow wanted to lick her just like a doggie would only the tongue is a lot longer.

So this morning we sent them on there merry way home to Colorado. Hope they have a good drive home and don’t run into any funky weather on the way.

Also we have been picking a friends garden and have an over abundance of produce so did some dealing with that also. Shredded  a bunch of what is called Zucchetta it taste and is like zucchinis and we have been eating it sliced and fried, in a quick bread, and today I mixed a cup of zucchetta with 2 eggs, added onion, garlic and salt to taste then decided it was kind of runny so added a Tablespoon of flour.  Plopped about a 1/3 cup of the mixture in a skillet and fried it kind of like you would a potato pancake. We ate it with some left over Pesto sauce and it was good something to make again that is for sure.  It would be a good side dish or morning breakfast dish. I think it would be good with a salsa on the side and maybe some sour cream. (sorry I did not think to take a picture of it)

New Kitchen

Well last weekend we started the empting of the kitchen. Boxing up stuff and moving some things to the camper that is going to be the summer...