Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow, Sleet or Rain

I don't know for sure but seems like we are to get some of each. Sure wish it was not this week though with everyone trying to get some where for Christmas.

The Friends of the Library had a Silent Auction in Aug. as part of Fayette's Watermelon Days celebration I got a pie dish and put it in the auction with a note that if the dish was returned to me I would fill it with a freshly made pie.

Well the dish was purchased and I am making a Coconut Pecan Pie for the buyer for Christmas. So I did a little searching on line and found this recipe that I think sounds really good.
So my plan for this afternoon is to get the crust done up so that way I am not leaving it all to the last minute.

For some reason today I have a doggy that is very clingy I not sure what is going on with her but she is like right under foot and cannot seem to settle down. I don't know if the storm that is moving in has her all upset or what is going on but she is just being a little pill.


  1. That pie sounds good!! Are you going to post the recipe? I hope your weather will not be too bad. Here is it is rain today and tomorrow - high in the morning at 54 and drop all day to 24 at night and maybe getting a little snow on Christmas Eve night! I wonder if that will come true.

  2. I put a link to the recipe in the blog did it not show up. With the storm the recipe has been put off until New Years.


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