Tuesday, January 22, 2019

KItchen Pictures Before

Well I am finally going to get around to write something about the remodel it has been an adventure but that is just how it goes. I wanted a new refrigerator you know those stainless steel models that have lots of compartments with the frige on the top and freezer on the bottom but the problem was it would not fit were our old frig was at. So what to do give up on the fridge well Fred said lets just redo the kitchen we have done it once we can do it again.

Here are a few before pictures the kitchen has been empty out and before real destruction happen better see were we started at.

This is were it all started a new side by side frige would not fit in this spot plus the area to the right of the refrigerator was pretty much my prep area in this kitchen was it big enough yes it worked but if anyone else wanted to do anything in the kitchen good luck.

They are down now but this area of the kitchen had floating shelves and a microwave stand was over here along with a smaller upright freezer sat on this wall.

So these are the before picture missing is the kitchen island it was a large unit that sat in the middle of the floor and had room to sit 4 people around it. Will we miss it in the kitchen maybe but I really like the new lay out planned. So maybe not time will tell how that plays out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Kitchen

Well last weekend we started the empting of the kitchen. Boxing up stuff and moving some things to the camper that is going to be the summer kitchen. Last winter I wanted to update the refrigerator in the kitchen to a bottom freezer and top refrigerator. Well that created a problem as the space in the kitchen was not big enough for this type of unit.
  So that brought on talk about updating the kitchen. I started out looking at different home stores and found that Menards has an online design program so I have been working out designs with that and I think have a finalized design.
   Now we are working on taking out the old cabinets and other parts so that electrical and plumbing can be changed around.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sugar cookies

today I tried a new sugar cookie recipe called the best sugar cookies ever unfortunately they are not my favorite. They just came out tasting like a lot of flour. Oh well some times you win with a new recipe sometimes you don't.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bacon Marmalade

An interesting  recipe.

3 lb of bacon
4 large yellow onions chopped fine
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup light brown sugar
1 1/2 cup strong black coffee
1/2 maple sugar
1 t black pepper

Cook bacon down and drain off the grease and then add rest of ingredients and cook down then put in food processor to make into a fine paste and put into 1 cup jars and refrigerate. 

This is good on bagels or English muffins with some cream cheese. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kindle Fire

I have a Amazon Kindle Fire and have been trying to get the Dish Anywhere app to work on it. The Fire had been running slow and I did a resent to manufacture settings and then reloaded the items I have on it and that did not work now the Dish App will not work at all.

I called Dish tech support and ended up moving thru several layers of tech support and then was shifted to a different person and he said you want to cancel and I was like no I just want them to fix my app so it works.

So for some reason I must of been a pain to the person trying to help me so he moved me to someone else. I had to laugh as I did not want to cancel so he offered me 5 dollars off my bill for 6 months. I said thank you and accepted that as they did not seem to have a clue on how to fix the Kindle app for Dish Anywhere.

Today I decided what did I have to loose and called Amazon customer support. I got a nice lady that listen to my scenario of what was going on and she had me do a hard boot of the kindle so that it shut off all application and then restarted it.  I was having problems connecting to the Internet at work so we could not complete the steps she wanted to try so they are to call me back when I am home.

We settled on a time for them to call and it will be interesting to see how this all carries out. I will be happily surprised if they call me back and we do work something out when I am home.

Time will tell what works on this challenge.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

End of March

I attempted to post something using my phone but that did not work out well for some reason it will not post to the blog any more.

I got a new phone back a while ago it is a Samsung Galaxy 7 no more Note Phone I still miss that phone but it was time to give it up as it was miss behaving more an more.

I am not in love with my new phone but it will do what I want and I guess that is all we can ask for in new toys. The sill thing is expensive but then I guess that is what phones are now days none of them are cheap. I sort of wished I had gotten an iPhone after I picked the Galaxy. I even went back but decided I did want to pay another fee to return it 35 bucks. Plus I was not sure I would love the other phone any more then the one I have.

I been working on making these bags to give away at a Masonic Lodge event that a friend is being inducted into some office. He needs a gift for the ladies at the meeting while the lodge meets.
So far I have 16 of these done an of coarse need to make 3 more.  They are little zippered bags like a pencil case type of thing. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wow 11 days into the new year and it seems to be flying by also.  What happen to Nov. and Dec of 2016 is my question. I did a couple quick Christmas sewing gifts microwave potato bags were on the to do list and made it done and gifted out to friends and family.

Had some excitement the Monday before Christmas our granddaughter rolled the van she was using to go to school with. She is fine and all is well other then the van has moved on to a salvage yard somewhere down the road.

So the hunt was on for a replacement vehicle that was found and now hopefully things will slow down. HA HA!

As for sewing I done a few quick projects and messed up the sewing room something awful I hope to maybe spend some time straightening it up today.

We had lovely weather yesterday it rain it snowed it got warm and then cold saw fog and it was just a miserable day to be on the road and that was were I was most of the day. Twelve hours in an ambulance is just not the most glamorous way to spend the day. It was what was needed so you buck up and get it done. When we got back and settled in the station the other crew said we are up for the rest of the night and bless them as they cared enough to let us know they understood we had a long day.

So hope everyone stays safe out there today.

KItchen Pictures Before

Well I am finally going to get around to write something about the remodel it has been an adventure but that is just how it goes. I wanted a...