Monday, December 21, 2009

wow were did today go

I sure wish I knew where today went. I did my thing at the grocery store made the bread and the donuts really slow for customers early today hope it picked up later in the day. Then I was about done gave Karen a break and got a phone call from Steve up at Northeast Medical Transport. What am I doing today. Well my plan was to go to West Union and find out what my new work schedule will be for Jan. ( I am training to be a dispatcher for the Sherriff's office here in Fayette County.) So the story is grab your uniform shirt and head on up chances are good that another transport will be going out today and maybe a third or forth time will tell on that.

I did get my work schedule then off I went to Cedar Rapids on a transport.

So nothing I had planned happen today in the way I expected it to happen am I surprised not really. That is kind of how my life goes I make a plan and then immediately it goes in a totaly different direction. That is ok it means I am never board and there is usually tomarrow to work on the project of the day.

Hope your Holiday plan is going well.

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  1. enjoy your training for the dispatch job - hope you love it!


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