Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Well we had rain, we had snow, and I don't know what else out there. Though the western part of the state seem to be rather burden with snow.

It is icy and walking is not a lot of fun but I think the worst of it is done for now.

I spent the day dealing with the web site. In the computer reformat I lost my guild web site file and all the info in it. So I proceded to recreate the site. It is not done but a good start was made. Then when I went to upload it to the server nothing worked. I e-mailed tech support but that did not help much. I finally used the program uploaded the site to the personel web space that my internet provider give me. Then I used an FTP file program and moved the files from there to a folder on my lap top and then moved them to the guild web site server.

Talk about the long way around. I then called go daddy tech support the location of the server and talked to them. At first they were blaming the program I was using. When I could upload to a totally different server that did not work any longer.

I have a feeling that some setting on their server needed tweeking and then I could upload what I needed to upload. Since I could get in with the other program and I could used the program I create the web site in to move things to my internet provider server. The problem was not on my end. Let's just say I was getting a little fustrated.

Oh well it is all up now and I should be able to tweek it over the next couple weeks and get the rest of the links and info updated.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day.

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  1. I would be totally lost - I do not understand how the computer works and not sure if anyone could even walk me through it! Sounds like you wee busy.


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