Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekend plus

Well I have been going like crazy and the treadmill seems a little worn. Saturday I did Baker then we were on back up ambulance call after that. Well we ended up going up to West Union to be on call. I was on for 911 and Fred had a run to drive to Iowa City.

They no more then got back and we got a 911 call and that was interesting. Sorry no more info allowed then that. Hippa. and all that goes with it. So I though ok we would now come home WRONG. There was a second call and off I and Fred went to Iowa City.

I think we got home at 2:00 in the morning. It does make for a long day. I did get two sewing projects worked on though. As one of two leaders for 4H sewing club we worked on trying out two new bag’s/purses. They both came out really pretty nice even if I do say so.


The pink bag is from a pattern Pink Sand Beach Designs. The pattern is not hard to do though I had to concentrate on it when putting it together. The front pocket that you swap the fabrics around is really fun. Plus some cute inside pockets too.

The Denim bag is something someone showed me and then I made one similar. Mine is lined with some denim and it has a pocket on both front and back. If I had been thinking/planning I would of put a pocket on the inside too. Though that would have been different fabric then denim.

Orange button closer is a orange hair tie. 

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