Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Kitchen

Well last weekend we started the empting of the kitchen. Boxing up stuff and moving some things to the camper that is going to be the summer kitchen. Last winter I wanted to update the refrigerator in the kitchen to a bottom freezer and top refrigerator. Well that created a problem as the space in the kitchen was not big enough for this type of unit.
  So that brought on talk about updating the kitchen. I started out looking at different home stores and found that Menards has an online design program so I have been working out designs with that and I think have a finalized design.
   Now we are working on taking out the old cabinets and other parts so that electrical and plumbing can be changed around.

KItchen Pictures Before

Well I am finally going to get around to write something about the remodel it has been an adventure but that is just how it goes. I wanted a...