Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday is Laundry, Tue is ?????

Well today I did the things that needed done at work. Then I got home an worked on lots of different projects at once. I think I really need to settle on one thing at a time but I don't seem to work well that way.

I cleaned up some paperwork. Then did some putting away upstairs in my sewing room. I am thinking I need to go and work on some simple baby quilts I was at the lumber yard across the street and the gal working there had a bunch of baby beds and she was getting dolls for the beds. We all know that Dollies need quilts to cuddle in right. So I best go get at it there are 11 beds.

I did not get this posted yesterday so will add a little more.

I got one baby doll quilt done and found out that a total of 11 are needed. I think it takes me longer to pick out fabric from the stash then it does to do anything else. I did up one with a 4 patch with white and mitten fabric and then opposit square is a blue that makes me thing of snow.

So 1 top done and 10 more to go though they do not need to be very big. I will try and post a picture or two soon.

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  1. good idea for using up scraps!


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