Friday, February 26, 2010

Hmm Friday

Well today went much better then I expected it to go. I really expected to have a very bad day at work and it really went much better then I expected hope that does not mean that Monday is going to go to #*#*ll in a hand basket. I guess time will tell.

Had a friend give me a pin that is a cross with the word trust on it and I did that this week and so far it has been the right theme for the week. So I am going to say that will be my theme for the rest of this week too.

On the sewing front I found a pattern I really want to work on it is a simple design done with a 9 patch and then you put elongated triangles on the four sides and make it a twist and turn block. It has a fun look to it and I just decided it was what I hope to work on in the very near future. Something simple and fun.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Projects

Well I have been busy learning a new job and there have been some real bumps in the road but but things are slowly working them self out not over the hill yet but it is getting better.

In some down time I did another raw edge applique project.

Grandma's Little Cowgirls. by Mary Stenros Willow Bend Creations this design was one I had to trace out on Steam a Seam the other iron on fusible that I had was not large enough it was in the 17 inch size and the pattern takes an 18 inch width of Steam a Seam.

So this was done on one of the ombre fabric lines where the fabric goes from a light to a dark shaded piece of fabric. It seem to work well I used the dark end of the fabric to do the outline of the design and the lighter shaded are to give it a interesting background.

Then I picked up an batik for around the outside border. I did think about doing a black small border and then use the ombre fabri on the outside going from the darker to the lighter in the opposite direction of the center piece but that just seem to complicated and I did not get enough of the fabric to do that. So this worked just fine.

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