Friday, February 26, 2010

Hmm Friday

Well today went much better then I expected it to go. I really expected to have a very bad day at work and it really went much better then I expected hope that does not mean that Monday is going to go to #*#*ll in a hand basket. I guess time will tell.

Had a friend give me a pin that is a cross with the word trust on it and I did that this week and so far it has been the right theme for the week. So I am going to say that will be my theme for the rest of this week too.

On the sewing front I found a pattern I really want to work on it is a simple design done with a 9 patch and then you put elongated triangles on the four sides and make it a twist and turn block. It has a fun look to it and I just decided it was what I hope to work on in the very near future. Something simple and fun.

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