Thursday, July 8, 2010

High and Dry

Wow a day with out rain how nice. Busy day tomorrow at work have a cake to decorate on Sat. so I need to get it baked tomorrow along with and order for cookies, 16 doz. Buns and an order for Donuts.

Can you tell I work on a bakery it has been a busy week with lots of bread sales I think the nice weather has boosted sales along with the fact that it has been warm and steamy I think no one is in the mood to bake for them selves.

I tired making a hamburger bun with white flour an putting sundried tomato paste and cut up fresh basil in it they did not raise very well not sure why the definitely had a basil taste. Hubby said they smelled like sausage.

With the nice weather I ended up doing the doggy walk we found a crescent wrench that belong to the neighbor across the street so delivered that back to it’s home and then went down on the trail along the river. I thought the water would of been up on the trail more then it looked like after all the rain. We did not go all the way to the park only part way and turned around. The humidity seems to be down so it was a nice evening for the walk.

Well I need to go do some cutting out of binding for a quilt that I want to get finished up. It is going to take a bit to get the binding sewn on since it is King size.

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