Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures from Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild show.

I did not take a lot of pictures just a few here and there.

 Oct2010 192

This quilt is called Star Spin and won a Viewer’s Choice on Saturday of the show.

Oct2010 158

This quilt won best of show of the judged items. Not all items at the show are judge it is a choice made by the member entering the item if they wanted it judged or not. This is a very light pastel quilt and the photo is not the greatest.

Oct2010 159

Another wining quilt

Oct2010 161

The shading in this quilt was done with thread it is a machine stitched whole cloth with lots and lots of stitching  on the quilt

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  1. I had a pattern once for the first quilt you show but never made it and now of course no longer have the pattern that I know of. You used to see it a lot but this is the first I have seen it done in a long time.


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