Monday, December 27, 2010

A Dr. Seuss Give away

Check out this give away of some fun Dr. Seuss Fabrics. See the Give away here.

I hope to get back to working on my Farmers Wife quilt blocks this week. I have all the blocks sewn and am ready to attach the Sun Bonnet Sue blocks in the black area. I cannot decided if I should had stitch them down or machine stitch them down. I am leaning towards the hand work even though I have tons of hand work going right now.  After putting the block together I recounted where we are at and I have 13 Sun Bonnet Sue blocks left.  I stop over and had Pat the lady I am making this quilt for check it out. She paying for the fabric and I am putting it all together free for her.

If I take one of the Sun Bonnet Sue’s out of this first top we could put a picture of her mother in once square and then there are enough blocks to do a second quilt and putting a picture of her mother in that quilt too.  Since she has a son and daughter she could then in time have a quilt for each of her children or she has 2 granddaughters and a grandson that maybe these quilts could then go to them. The jury is out yet but I think that would be a wonderful plan.

She is so happy with how the quilt is looking so we are moving forward in a very positive way on this project.

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  1. I like your seeing your ideas and blocks so far for the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I agree, it'd be nice to have a picture of her mother in the quilt(s). What a keepsake that will be!


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