Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Short and Fast Trip to Colorado

Well our Daughter in Law graduated from University Of Northern Colorado so we did a quick trip to Colorado over the weekend plus. We left on Friday 5:00 AM and got there around 6:00 Friday PM. The trip out was uneventful and that was good Eventful means something happen on the road and that is not always fun.

Saturday we went the the graduation ceremony it was a beautiful Sunny day and the ceremony is held out side in the football stadium the graduation class was 1500 students.


I got a little bit of sun burn sitting in the bleachers that AM but so glad we could make it work to go out and see everyone. Then went to Stef’s graduation party the kids went out to some clubs and we went home Smile

Then Sunday Fred and Steve did a bunch of work on there big screen TV that they have it needed a part replaced so after a trip to Radio Shack for a Soider wick and lunch they were able to take it apart and put it back together.  Then we met up with Stef’s family at a Mongolian restaurant and had super with them it was a nice weekend 

Then a drive home that always seem to take longer then the drive out. DSCF2304

Stef and her folks


Stef and Steve



Stef and us

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  1. the sun is always too much at those kind of graduations outside - but I guess the bright side was it didn't rain - maybe they would have been able to have it inside in that case? Glad you had a nice visit!


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