Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday hmm where did the day go

Well today was a good day and a busy day and I have no clue what I did but it seem to disappear that is for sure. Worked in the AM and did some laundry and  ran a few errands.

Compared to how it was the weather has gotten cold but no snow here yet. I hope it will be a while in coming. I do believe they got some north of us I have seen cars with snow on the tops and hoods driving around. Just glad it is not on mine. 

Here is the promised picture of the finished bag. 111204-163613

The top of this pictures show a pocket and then you can see something black and that is my computer lap desk and then the green strip is a zippered pocket then on the lower side on the inside there are 3 pockets one has a Velcro closed flap over the pocket top.


This side has a smaller zippered pocket and a second open pocket that is between the two handle straps the other side has a pocket that goes all the way across the bag that I put one of the metal magnet closers

The instructions for this bag were great and not hard to follow as long as I concentrated on what I was doing.  Oh and the two sides have little pockets that will hold things like water bottles, my sun glasses case etc.

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