Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sun and an auction

Well not picture today. Spent the day running back forth between home and an auction in the next block. Temptations was there I think they had like 7 treadle sewing machines and a lot more old phonographs. Including one or two that play the round cylinder style. They were in excellent condition but none of them came home with us. I did a starter bid of 10 dollars on a high boy type dresser and LOL it came home with me for that price. It was not in great shape but it is usable and has a mirror that is in good shape.
I am thinking about painting it white. The veneer is not in good shape it is chipped so will need to have some woody putty to fix it up and one of the drawer bottoms is not in great shape. I guess for $10.00 what can you expect.
Tomorrow I plan on going to a quilt show in Independence Iowa put on by the Calico Cut up Quilt guild. Since the weather sounds like it is going to turn cold and wet and yuck you a good way to spend the day.

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