Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday going's on

Ok I thought about typing in this last night but oh well did not get to that. Such is life.

I am still trying to figure out how to set things up on here and some how I set my self as my own favorite. Decided oh well and not to worry about it.

This was my weekend off I work every other and so I got to sleep in HA HA I was up at 6:00 AM and could not fall back to sleep checked in with my co worker since she had a wopping large order for a church dinner to bake up. All was going well there so I did not have to stop by and lend a hand. She has done the same for me so pay back is important.

I did not get a lot done in the morning a little house pick up and all that jazz then reailzed that today the New Albin gals had the quilt display to benefit there Public Library. So Jeana and I took off to go see the display. (sorry I forgot my camera) They had some wonderful quilts and smaller pieces up on display. Then we walked out to find a car show/cruzie that was really kind of fun to see too.

After that a nice drive home unfortunately the leaves have not changed much yet so that part of the drive was not as pretty as it could of been.

Got home last night and just seem to be tired and ready to call it a night watched the Ghost Whisper and then Medium that I had saved on the DVR and worked on a new quilt a wall hanging design by CrabbyApple Hill called Over the River and Thru the Woods Pattern

I am learning a new embroidery stitch for this project I have always done a stem stitch for things and this pattern says to use a backstitch. I found a tutorial on line by Mary Corbet NeedleNThread web site. Mary Corbet has some wonderful short tutorials on different embroidery stitches if you are interested.

So that pretty much sums up what I did yesterday.

Fred (Hubby) he winterized the camper and put way the motor cycle and did some other projects out side so he had a full day too.

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