Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Well after I got home from work today I got busy working on decorating the house up for Christmas. I have a huge collection of Santa's at least I think of it as huge. The last couple years I have not put as much stuff up but I decided at least to myself that either these things need to be used or I need to start getting rid of them.

So the boxes have been out waiting for someone to unpack and start putting up Christmas things but the painting of the room off the dining room took priority. The painting has been done and now I been busy putting things away and we rearrange the house around too. Plus I don't know where all the dust seems to come from but it sure seems like it is thick in places.

So I think that I am about 1/2 done I have almost all the Santa's out and now I need to work on the Christmas trees. I have the tree we set up for the Tree festival and we decided to decorate that tree along with the three other smaller trees that we got a couple years ago. They are small what I call Charlie Brown type trees they are smaller and pencil style trees that are prelit.

So tomarrow should be busy also.


1 comment:

  1. I like the pencil style tree and have one on each side of the front door.
    I don't know where the dust comes from either but I always have some! (and I don't like to dust)


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