Monday, January 4, 2010

Santa Collection is doing well and growning

I got a couple fun new Santas this year. One is a beautiful handmade ceramic/pottery Santa in a white robe. He is a wonderful new addition to the collection though when packing him up he made me nervious about breaking him. I think he is snug in his box for now. Sorry I had him all packed up and put in the closet under the stairs before I thought of taking his picture.

He came from a pottery person that was at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival purchased by Grandaughter Chloe and her mommy Brenda.

Then there was a new wooden Santa he is a tall diamond or maybe you would even say pyramid shaped the the arms are put on so that they swing if you move him he is very cute too. That Santa Whispered to Pat Custer and said he need to go home with her to become part of my collection.

I don't know how many Santa's there are in those boxes but lets just say there are a lot of them and it seems like everyone is different.

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  1. it sounds like you have added nicely to your santa collection :) one day you will need to count them up and see what you have! I try not to collect for Christmas decorating and have downsized greatly over the last 5 years or so - I just started to run out of places to put things and decided to go simple instead. Next year might have to get a new tree though! this one is getting shabby when you look at it closely.


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