Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Hmm a New Year Wow

Hard to belive we are 10 years into 2000. I remember when we started 2000 and all the worries about the world coming to a stop and all the computers and everything would be such a disaster. Sure glad that was a doomsday prediction that did not happen.

I spent the last two days organizing the work schedule at work so that HA HA everyone is happy I am dreaming about that one I am sure. It had to start somewhere and so I did up a schedule after talking to most people now to deal with the last bits. Will drop it in the bosses hands and he can check on it and see if it fits what he thinks it should be.

Oh well it had to start somewhere and so that is what I did right or wrong. Since I am upseting the apple cart I guess some of how it goes is also on me. LOL

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