Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend and more

Well this weekend I had a great time. I started out with not having to work any were on Friday Ha Ha I figured out someone's computer but that is not work that is fun. Did the sme thing again with someone else computer Sat morning

Then I did some time on my new quilt project called Summer Breeze quitl it is 89 x 89 size quilt that uses a border print on the out side and you pull colors from the border to do the center of the quilt you put 2 4 patch blocks together and then around that some rectangles cut on the diagonal so that the 4 patches twist and turn.

Sunday we went to the movie Alice in Wonderland that just came out. It is a 3 d movie and was interesting to watch that way though the glasses gave my nose a fit. I think wearing two pair of glasses was the problem. Still a very enjoyable movie. The previews did not have me wanting to see the movie in fact I was working on the Tooth Fairy movie but DGD had just read the book and so wanted to go see the movie so off we went and had a wonderful time spoiling her along with a fun afternoon.

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  1. I had the same problem with the fit of the glasses when we saw Avitar - the top of my nose hurt something awful about half way through the movie. I had to keep holding them up with a fingertip so they weren't resting on the skin. I wear glasses to so maybe that is part of the problem?
    Are you back to work full time at the bakery now in the store?


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