Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping in May Working on embroidery

Well we had a nice weekend and camped this weekend. Had a nice time quiet weekend with lots of relax time. That was nice we had a wonderful weekend the weather on Saturday was great. Plus we took some time Saturday AM and went to Barnes and Nobel and just spent some fun time looking around and looking at the books and magazines there.

Then over the weekend I worked on an embroidery panel for a quilt top. There is a saying that says thru the woods to Grandmother's house we go. Then two other panels of woods and etc that you might see on a trip to grandmothers house along with some quilt blocks. I don't work on it super regular but try to put in a little time on and off.

Today I am going to go help someone one with her computer it seems like a few things are messed up and she cannot figure out what happen or how to get it back. So I will go and see what it is and then go from there.

I hope to spend a little time in the flower beds later this afternoon it is a sunny nice day out not to hot but not to cool. Cannot ask for better I guess.

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