Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre Mother's day

Not a lot planned for tomorrow.  Had to cover up plants tonight we are under freeze warning and I sure would hate to have to replace the perennials out there. There are two Clematis that I would hate to lose and my mouse ear hosta. Plus the lili plant sure hope the frost does not put it all under that I did not cover up.

Since there were more plants out there then I have sheets to deal with. Oh well such is life and frost is also part of it all.  I hope to divide the bleeding heart after they get done blooming they have taken over there spot and filled it so full it is over shadowing some of the other plants near by.

Tomorrow I hope to get the final border on one of the quilts and start the quilting on the Downy Charity quilt kit I received. I will try and get a picture of that as it goes along. That top is so bright and fun to look at.

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