Saturday, June 12, 2010

It’s here and I do really like them

Well the new washer and dryer are installed and working just fine. They are larger then what I have had before that is for sure.  I can now fit a full basket of laundry into the washer instead of splitting it in half.

On the quilt front I helped a friend with a stripe fabric and we did up a table runner out of it and have enough to do up some octagon table runner too.

I sent home the her table runner home for her to quilt but I have the fabric to do a some of the octagon units. yet.

Plus to practice I also did one out of a Jenny Beyer border print. LOL had to cut it down a ways to get it figured out correctly but hay we did.  The pattern used to be free on the web. Unfortunately it is no longer there. It now cost $8.00

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  1. I love the new look to your blog.


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