Saturday, August 28, 2010

So many things to do now to get at it

I been busy finish off baby bibs for the Friends of the Library baby gift bag kits. I think I have two bib left to get done.

I think that and some housework is the plan for the day. Plus going out to visit Jeana and Loren and seeing their new to them camper.  So I should get off my hind end and get to it.

Plus there is always some house work to be done.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I seem to love gadgets

I have an iPod that I love and use almost daily!  Well today I decided to try using it as a Kindle I purchased a book from Amazon I have been wanting to read and cannot find at the library and since it is part of a series and I have read the middle book I did not want to ask that the library buy it.

It might be a book others love too but I wanted to play with a new thing on my gadget. So I downloaded a book onto a amazon Kindle app that is a free download for my ipod. 

Well I have read a fair amount of the book on and off today and do really like this medium for reading a book.  I so wish that I could download the e-books to my ipod from the Library Neibors web site but so far that does not work. (sigh)

Maybe as time goes by it will but as of now it does not.  Still this is a fun way to read a book in a totally different format. 

I guess I could share the title of the book I am reading it is by Maria Bostwick and is called “A Single Thread”   I read the middle one two this three book set  and wanted to read the first one and then hopefully I can get the last one later. :)

So that is a feature on my gadget that I am in love with today.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well it has been a wild week

At the end of last week Fred got the word he has two more weeks and is unemployed. So then we will see what happens next.

I have been listening to a new book called the Good Children by Kate Wilhelm 

It started with a promise, a pact. It became a secret that no one must tell: that their parents were dead and gone, including the one they'd buried in the backyard.

Now the McNair children are growing older, discovering love, college, and careers. But their lie haunts them. Their home holds them captive. Only the horrifying truth of their mother's death can set the children free. And only the truth can destroy them all.

I started out thinking this book was not for me but then I finished Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and wanted something else to listen to so the Good Children was still on my iPod so I turned to it and got hooked I have about about half of the last section to listen to.

I made a little bag the other day and really like how it came out so am going to work on a second one in the pattern. using some tea theme fat quarters that have been sitting around.

I then got the pattern for a bag called the professional bag I think that is my next project if I have the right color zippers for it. If not I may have to put that one off until I can order some from a place called Home Sew. They have some good prices on things from there.

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