Thursday, August 26, 2010

I seem to love gadgets

I have an iPod that I love and use almost daily!  Well today I decided to try using it as a Kindle I purchased a book from Amazon I have been wanting to read and cannot find at the library and since it is part of a series and I have read the middle book I did not want to ask that the library buy it.

It might be a book others love too but I wanted to play with a new thing on my gadget. So I downloaded a book onto a amazon Kindle app that is a free download for my ipod. 

Well I have read a fair amount of the book on and off today and do really like this medium for reading a book.  I so wish that I could download the e-books to my ipod from the Library Neibors web site but so far that does not work. (sigh)

Maybe as time goes by it will but as of now it does not.  Still this is a fun way to read a book in a totally different format. 

I guess I could share the title of the book I am reading it is by Maria Bostwick and is called “A Single Thread”   I read the middle one two this three book set  and wanted to read the first one and then hopefully I can get the last one later. :)

So that is a feature on my gadget that I am in love with today.


  1. Interesting - I've just lately been thinking about a Kindle, too - and I see that neither the Kindle or the iPad is compatible with Neibors. Sure hope that will change eventually. Isn't your iPod screen kind of small for reading?

  2. If pennies where not a problem I would seriously consider getting an iPad instead of a Kindle or upgrading my iPod to an iPad. The screen on that is great for size. As for size it is a little small but not awful you control the font size and so that is not to bad.
    Plus I have been using it while filling in time at the store when I am at check out and with all the interuptions. I kind of like that I have less area to track and refind my place. :)


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