Monday, December 20, 2010

New Project Sun Bonnet Sue, Weather

Last year at Christmas I promised a good friend that I would finish off the quilt blocks she had. They were made by her mother and are Sun Bonnet Sue on a swing. With each Sue’s dress made out of left over fabric from her school dresses. These blocks have been around a while and a few of them needed to be button hole around and over the last year that has gotten done.

So I am going to set the blocks together with a black fabric and border them with another fabric around that and opposite blocks are a rose preprinted fabric.

Here is a picture of sort of how they are going together.


I have a different print to go around the blocks so that each Sun  Bonnet Sue and each rose block will have the same border then a black sashing between them.  Each Sun Bonnet block is button holed down on a muslin piece of fabric the plan is to button hole that into the center of the black square.   They were to fragile and the applique part was to close to the border to actually piece the blocks with out loosing part of the applique.

So this is the plan.

On to weather  this is what it looks like out my window as I sit at my sewing machine.




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