Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday the week of Christmas

Well we got a bunch more snow yesterday at least no freezing rain or sleet that was predicted. I think it quit snowing around 6:00 or so might have been a little earlier then that not sure.  Today is one of my late start days I get two in the week. Unfortunately I got up early and got ready to go in because with the weather I was not sure if my co worker could make it she lives on a gravel road and if the wind got nasty last night it would not of been easy for her to make it in.

I called her around 5:30 and she was in and all was going well so I now have extra time this morning. That I seem to be not using constructively and playing computer games. I have lots of other things I could and probably should be doing. Oh well that is how it goes.

I did get a bunch of the rose blocks and black squares sewn with outside color strips.  So this project is coming along nicely!

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