Monday, July 25, 2011

Fayette County Quilters and Piecemakers a project.


This week is Fayette County Fair and for the last few years my smaller guild has drawn on high thread count white fabric pictures that children attending the fair and visiting the  country school house that is on the fair grounds on a specific day. I think last year that was Thursday. this year it is Tuesday.

Then the colored block are sorted out and guild members make wall hangings that are silent auction the next year. The money is donated to the Fayette County Historical Society to be used as they feel the need.

So this is the group of blocks that I received to put together.

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  1. Hi Baker-ia, thank you for commenting on my blog about the art deco doiley. I never thought of it being an antimacassar! It certainly is the right shape. I've had a quick look at your blog, it's a nice mix of craft and cooking! I found your explanation of using over ripe bananas for banana bread very interesting. Now I know why my banana bread is so tasteless sometimes!
    Your Fayette County Fair wallhanging is lovely. I didn't quite understand what the guild is the kids draw pictures on white fabric, and you embroider them?


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