Wednesday, March 29, 2017

End of March

I attempted to post something using my phone but that did not work out well for some reason it will not post to the blog any more.

I got a new phone back a while ago it is a Samsung Galaxy 7 no more Note Phone I still miss that phone but it was time to give it up as it was miss behaving more an more.

I am not in love with my new phone but it will do what I want and I guess that is all we can ask for in new toys. The sill thing is expensive but then I guess that is what phones are now days none of them are cheap. I sort of wished I had gotten an iPhone after I picked the Galaxy. I even went back but decided I did want to pay another fee to return it 35 bucks. Plus I was not sure I would love the other phone any more then the one I have.

I been working on making these bags to give away at a Masonic Lodge event that a friend is being inducted into some office. He needs a gift for the ladies at the meeting while the lodge meets.
So far I have 16 of these done an of coarse need to make 3 more.  They are little zippered bags like a pencil case type of thing. 

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