Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kindle Fire

I have a Amazon Kindle Fire and have been trying to get the Dish Anywhere app to work on it. The Fire had been running slow and I did a resent to manufacture settings and then reloaded the items I have on it and that did not work now the Dish App will not work at all.

I called Dish tech support and ended up moving thru several layers of tech support and then was shifted to a different person and he said you want to cancel and I was like no I just want them to fix my app so it works.

So for some reason I must of been a pain to the person trying to help me so he moved me to someone else. I had to laugh as I did not want to cancel so he offered me 5 dollars off my bill for 6 months. I said thank you and accepted that as they did not seem to have a clue on how to fix the Kindle app for Dish Anywhere.

Today I decided what did I have to loose and called Amazon customer support. I got a nice lady that listen to my scenario of what was going on and she had me do a hard boot of the kindle so that it shut off all application and then restarted it.  I was having problems connecting to the Internet at work so we could not complete the steps she wanted to try so they are to call me back when I am home.

We settled on a time for them to call and it will be interesting to see how this all carries out. I will be happily surprised if they call me back and we do work something out when I am home.

Time will tell what works on this challenge.

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