Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ok I am whining my arms hurt

Well Monday was uneventful though thru the ambulance service I am part of it was time to go in for the update of shots. Well not only did we get the current Flu shot. Not the H1N1 but the basic flu shot I also need a tetanus update and that included pertusis (not sure I spelled that one right). Then it has been eons since I had a TB test. Well they all happen last night and today my arms are so sore. Since one side got the flu, one side got the tetanus they seem to for some reason stiffen up my arms. No other really bad side effects just arms that feels stiff and sore.

I have sewn together three rows so far tonight and I think I am going back to work on another row or two of the king size City Park. Hope to snap a picture later probably not until Thur though. Tomorrow I am working at the Bakery in the AM and then off to West Union to work at Northeast Iowa Medical Transport for the afternoon. Seems like I usually don't end up with a busy day but you never know what will happen things change in a moment with this job.

Thanks for listening to my whine

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