Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quilt is progressing

Well the quilt Summer Breeze is progressing might even be moving along faster except for the TV and computer time oh almost forgot when work intrups fun and games. Though there are only 12 blocks left to finish and trim down. So progress is being made I would say.
I am kind excited to see how the border looks on the finished blocks so it is helping to keep me motivated.

Along with the quilt we have been doing some Easter decorating. Last weekend we went to Waterloo and picked up some cinder block that hubby wants to work on putting together for a raised bed in the garden. The bed he had planned at first was kind of large and I talked him down a little bit so that if it does not go well we don't have a ton of money tied up in cinder blocks. That project is not to far along yet the blocks are still in the back of the pick up truck.

While out and about we decided to stop at Hobby Lobby and I spotted these large Plastic Easter eggs it was a set of 3 eggs a large a medium and a small size. Well they were 50% off so we got 3 sets and hubby put them over some lights that we have outside. So at night they light up though I don't think they light up for very long since I was going to try and take a picture of them lit and did not get that done. I wished that I had found another color they only had them in orange and green and it would of been fun to find them in red or yellow or both. We would of probably bought all the colors but settled for two sets of orange and one set of green.

Holes were drilled in the bottom of each of the eggs and set over the lights. I think he used some kind of wire hook that go into the ground and hold the eggs in place. I was not in on that part of the project. The hooks were to keep them in place when the wind blows. It does not sound like a lot of fun to have to chase them all over the neighbor hood.

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  1. I just saw you have gotten on quilting bloggers - it is a great site.
    The quilt is coming along great Arlene.


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