Monday, June 28, 2010

Brownies adapted

Double Decadence Chocolate Chip Brownies
from Bakery Shoppe Memories Cookbook
1 c sugar
2/3 cup butter softened (1 stick and 3T)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 cup semi Sweet Chocolate chips (divided) *see note
1 1/4 cup all-purprose flour
1 C old fashion oats
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 c chopped nuts, optional
Powdered sugar
Heat oven to 350. Lightly grease 13x9 baking pan. Beat sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla until smooth. Add 1 C melted chocolate chips; mix well. Add flour, oats, baking powder, remaining 1 c chocolate chips and nuts, mix well. Spread into prepared pan. Bake 25 to 30 min or until brownies pull away from sides of pan. Cool completely, Sprinkle with powdered sugar. if desired.
Makes 24 Brownies
Notes: I used 1 cup of the chocolate chips and melted them in with the butter since I did not have soft butter. Then added that to the sugar and beat it and added the eggs and vanilla etc. Then at the time you add the second addition of chips I put in a full back of Toffee Brickle Bits instead.  I would seriousely consider adding in the 1/2 cup of nuts probably pecans into the recipe. They came out really good.

 Must be good we ate over half the pan this weekend :) 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing with EQ 7

Yesterday and today I been playing with EQ 7 and saw a wall hanging like this somewhere and decided to play with it as an idea.

So this is what I came up with then I did it in different colors not sure it is what I wanted but interesting playing around with it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quilts in the Garden a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!!!

Went to Hawkeye and visited K & K Garden and saw lots of quilts and beautiful garden area

Had lots of fun looking at the quilts and before the quilts there were motorcycles.

On the way a squirrel jumped in our path

Motorcycles everywhere

Today may be an interesting day there is a motor cycle ride stopping in town around noon with supposedly around a 1000 riders give or take a 100 either way. Fayette is to be the noon stop so food stand are popping up all over downtown and it should be an interesting day.

I sent off two wall hangings to the K & K Garden display that is today well really this afternoon. I hope to run over to see all the quilts they are going to display and take a few pictures on here. They always do such a lovely job showing off the quilts and the garden together.

So lots to do and see in and about today.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It’s here and I do really like them

Well the new washer and dryer are installed and working just fine. They are larger then what I have had before that is for sure.  I can now fit a full basket of laundry into the washer instead of splitting it in half.

On the quilt front I helped a friend with a stripe fabric and we did up a table runner out of it and have enough to do up some octagon table runner too.

I sent home the her table runner home for her to quilt but I have the fabric to do a some of the octagon units. yet.

Plus to practice I also did one out of a Jenny Beyer border print. LOL had to cut it down a ways to get it figured out correctly but hay we did.  The pattern used to be free on the web. Unfortunately it is no longer there. It now cost $8.00

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Washer and Dryer are in

Doing a happy dance!!!  I was thinking I am going to have to gather everything up and haul it to the laundry Mat again this week but when I got home I found a message on the answering machine. The Washer and Dryer are in at Sears and ready for pick up.

So tomorrow sometime we will go and pick them up. Then I only have to wait for him to install them and I will be ready to wash clothes again. It is amazing how many dirty clothes two people can create.

No camping for us this weekend it is suppose to be a wet and hot and very humid weekend and so I guess we will be at home but then I have a bunch of chores to do here what with several very full laundry baskets. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finished the Quilts for Kids kit

I went to the Downy site and ordered a Quilts for Kids quilt kit and got it finished today.  I am not sure that I di done part the way they wanted it done. They said to machine sew the binding on. I did sew it to the front of the quilt but I hand stitched it down on the back.

I decided that I would do it the way I usually do such things and what are they going to do send it back to me to redo. I think not. I did as I hand stitched it down every couple inches put in a back stitch and knotted it down. So if for some reason the hand work comes out it would not run a long ways and come out.



Here are two pictures of the kit. Now I just have to wash it and get it ready for mailing back in.

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