Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Review

Well last week was vacation and we started out in Fort Dodge, IA at Brushy Creek State Park love it when you can make reservations.  We had a rainy weekend  with a lightning storm that really showed off some fireworks. DSCF1427

Then from here we moved on to Daly Park up by Mapleton MN. It is a beautiful campground but unfortunately the Minnesota sate bird tried to carry us off.  Have to mention a barbeque place we found in Mapleton MN called Token’s the food there was wonderful and the owner a fun person to visit with.



So after two days we move back to Iowa to Pilot Knob State Park that is near Forest City. We had thought about a smaller park but with us being there for 4 days we decided a park with a shower house might be better since having enough water for that detail is kind of important when the weather is hot and sticky. 

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