Saturday, August 27, 2011

We lost a large tree


Well on Wed. of this week one of the guys over at the lumberyard started to park under one of our big shade trees that we have out side. Then he got out and as he was walking across the street stop and looked back at the tree. There was a gentle breeze blowing and he noticed that the hollow cracked area of the tree was separating as the wind moved the branches above. 

We assume that the storm that came thru on Monday added to the weakness in this tree. We had a lot of high wind on Monday and I guess we were luck the tree did not blow down then. I know the neighbors are happy the power line for there home goes thru that tree and the tree itself was big enough that if it had blown to the west I might of taken down the power lines on that side of the street.


This is the area that was damaged in the storm. The squirrel's that lived in the tree are not going to be happy but it is better that the tree is down in a controlled manor


It is all coming down sad but it needed to happen


A yard full of tree (looking from the street towards our house


This picture is from the back of the house from where the two windows      ( bay windows) jut out on the south side towards the front of the house now that the tree is gone. Sure have a lot of light on this side now.

The funniest part of all this is I have a flower bed there just to the left of the humming bird feeder out towards the sidewalk. It was well mulched and had some cone flowers blooming in it and my red calla lilies were starting to come up there. Well with all the work that had to be done I understand the flowers being cut off/down but when they cleaned up the area they even took the mulch that was on the flower bed.  I just thought that was funny it is not a big area and not really a big deal just funny.

I am happier they cleaned up them I am worrying about a little mulch. 

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  1. sorry you lost a tree - it always makes the yard look different. Too bad they took your mulch though!


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