Monday, October 1, 2012

I got a new desk and it is a mess all ready or still

Over the weekend I found a new desk to house all those things that computer require to store and have and deal with. I let my granddaughter have my camera for the weekend so I did not have a real camera to take a picture with but my computer has a camera so I used that it is not the best photo but it will do for now. 121001-204720

Ok here it is in all its messy ness. Add to this my internet went down today late afternoon and I ended up with a tech here to fix it. I cannot complain about timing he was here in like 15 to 20 min from when I called in with the problem.

So after several things I had my modem plug into the wrong side of a filter/splitter and then after that was fixed it seem like something was wrong with the modem so he replaced that too. Now I am up and running and no problem.

Then I was having book marks printed for the quilt show and the print shop copier went down this afternoon fingers crossed he will have it fixed tomorrow morning or I will be making a run to a print shop somewhere else. Life is only fun if you are busy right.

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