Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Power cords and recliners

Well do I have you wondering about the title of this posting?

I was sitting in a recliner with my computer on my lap I set the computer off to the side and had the foot rest go back under the chair to get up. Well if your power cord gets caught in the metal folding mechanism it is not a good thing.


Yepper you then only have what ever battery life is left in it to run it and that is not a good thing right before the quilt show when you need to update the show web site.

So let’s say the computer got shut off and I then went on a search for a new power cord. Using the other computer in the house that hubby uses my old lap top that I have reformatted so none of the programs etc. that I use are on it. I went on line searching for a replacement.

Well I called Dell the maker of my computer and that power cord was around 50 bucks.  Ouch not happy so decided to do a little more looking. I found the same power cord on line at a computer store I found a replacement for 25 dollars. Yepp that is better but I wondered could I find one even better. So onward the search went. Yep I checked e-bay not much better then what I had found the for some reason I checked Amazon yep the power cord I needed for 10.00.  Now each of these places had shipping but if I placed an order for 50 dollars or something like that I don’t have to pay shipping well that was not really a problem I needed ink cartridges for my HP printer. 

Now I placed my order and waited patiently for it to come (NOT) I saved what battery I had left on the lap top for my update of the guild web site that I needed to do last week. It all worked out and I now have a new cord and am back up and running.

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